Kahoot Hack Online

This hack features cheats like auto-answer, flood, and username filter bypass. If you’ve been struggling to win or simply just keep getting beat, this app is for you. With this, you can easily rise to victory as #1 on the leader board.

I’ve put in countless hours into this tool. Originally, it was just a fun side project used to troll my class Kahoot quizzes but after your guys’ fantastic feedback, I had to keep developing it. This has made the game so amusing that I had to share it to all you guys who supported me, free of charge.

Use Online Hack



In order to have the best user experience for the tool, I’ve added a few nifty features and improvements for you users. Everything is simplified so there is no need to compile the tool yourself or even download anything in the first place. Dominating the quiz game is only a few clicks away.

  • Hosted Online

    • All of the exploit software is hosted on my server so that you guys don’t need to download anything. All you need to use it is your web browser.
  • Universally compatible

    • Since everything is hosted on my server, this works with all operating systems including ChromeOS, iOS, Android, Samsung, and Windows.
  • Still Working

    • Over time, Kahoot has patched some of the exploits we used. However, I’ve been one step ahead of the developers and worked hard to find new exploits and to this day, it is still 100% working.


A few new functions have been added recently. Check them out! Over the past few months, I’ve added an Auto-Answer cheat tool that automatically chooses the correct answer and a username filter. For a more in-depth description of the features, please read what’s below.

  • Auto-Answer

    • Through the use of several exploits, this hack can extract the exact answers for each quiz question. Then, you can play the game on our website and every question that pops up will be answered correctly. We use iframe methods to make it possible to play and use the tool simultaneously.
  • User Flood

    • Now you can spam your selected quiz with tons of fake users joining. This was originally the first tools for the game and it’s still the best out there. Use this cheat tool whenever you feel like trolling your teacher or whoever is hosting a quiz game. Remember, it’s just a prank bro.
  • Bypass Username Filter

    • This is one of our smaller projects but none the less, it’s still awesome. You can join a quiz with any name you want. Please refrain from using any explicit and derogatory names, but you’ll probably won’t listen to me anyways. Have fun!